Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas doll letter, 2015

My Christmas doll letter 2015

I can't believe it's one week till Christmas! I'm behind on my cards because we went to Disneyland from December 2 - 8th and it was fantastic! I'll post pictures on my blog later, if my computer ever gets fixed. It has a hard drive problem, and it's huge. 

2015 was a good year for dolls! In January I bought 3: Zelia, a Hearts for Hearts doll; Grace, and American Girl doll; and Penny, a Journey Girl doll. I also bought two Target dolls while the store was still open in Canada. In April I bought Josephina, an American Girl doll in Seattle WA and also got to meet a Chatty Cathy doll collector for lunch; Jackie Nelson. In July I splurged and spent my birthday money from Robert and my sister Marie on Maryellen, the new 1950's American Girl doll. It's FUN to have an AG boutique here in Vancouver!

A kind friend sent me a sweet Penny Brite vintage doll, but she is a lot smaller than the 18" dolls so she fits in well! Last week while in California, I got 3 more little dolls; Addy and Kaya from AG and also a little 7" doll from Target. 

My home is looking Christmassy as I decorated before our trip. It was good to stay connected with you all on Facebook this year. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year in 2016!

Love from Loretta and her doll collection