Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Yolanda's new sewing machine!

I'd seen this on a few FB pages.
We no longer have a Target store in Canada.
After less than 2 years, they all went bankrupt; all 130 of them.
I still can't quite believe it, and I still miss going into the Our Generation toy section on the 3rd floor at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby BC.
So when I found this at MasterMind Toys online, I bought it in a hurry, because any order over $60 was FREE shipping!

This set is just darling. I haven't opened it yet.
Inside is a sewing machine, table, chair, dress maker form, pin cushion, pattern, fabric, etc.

It's just adorable! I have another sewing machine for 18" dolls but it's vintage 1900's style.
This is modern.

Yolanda is very excited and happy to be the first to use it.
Well, she assumes she will be!
She also got a new desk with a laptop earlier this year, so she's on a roll.
I'll take more photos once I open it.
Now I'll enjoy it for a while, as I don't get too many packages in the mail anymore.

By Loretta Houben

Friday, July 8, 2016

My new doll; Laura Ingalls!

Last evening when I was preparing supper there was a knock on the door.
This was around 5 pm so it was unusual.
I was expecting a package today, so I wondered if it had arrived early.
Yep, it had!
Fedex had left a large box on the front porch.
I'm supposed to sign, but I rarely ever do.
It was from The Queen's Treasures, a wonderful new doll company in PA, USA.
Recently they began shipping to Canada, oh joy!
Their products are very well made, and they offer items you won't find anywhere else.

Here is adorable Laura Ingalls. I'm a great fan of the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I've read them at least ten times! So when I heard that at last, a Laura doll had been licensed by the Queen's Treasures, I pre-ordered her in the spring for only $75 US. (regular price $99 US)
That is way cheaper than $160 for an American Girl doll.
She was well packaged in 3 boxes, and her own box is so cute, looking like a log cabin.
I will definitely be keeping it.
She is wearing a white nightdress and night cap, but no panties.
My Dad said I'd have to sew bloomers for her, and he giggled.
I took Laura over to my parent's house last night, and let my Dad feel her. (he's blind now)
My Mom thought she was the cutest doll she had ever seen, next to my original Chatty Cathy doll which she had given me in 1964! That's high praise from my Mom.
Laura has her own little rag doll, Charlotte.
She has bare feet, and a darling quilt and pillow.
I'll have to take better photos later.
I'm very pleased with her.

By Loretta Houben 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!
Canada is 148 years old this year, 2016.
Next year is the Big Celebration for the 150th!
These photos were taken in 2005.
I can never dress up my dolls in Canadian clothes as I always sell them off their backs!

The is the entrance to Fort Langley BC.
This is where British Columbia was born, in 1858.

Loretta standing with one of her Chatty Cathy dolls in the old Fort yard.

A member of Fort Langley who wished to hold Chatty Cathy!

My parents with Chatty Cathy.
It was my Dad's 76th birthday.

Chatty Cathy inside the old store.
She is a prototype doll, made in 1960. She was the most common Chatty doll made.
She has lovely tan limbs which never fade, and blue decal eyes and blonde bobbed hair.

One of the original stores, built in the 1840's which for BC is very old.

A Chatty Cathy size cannon.

Mmm....a delicious cake!

One of the descendants of the Metis holding Chatty Cathy.
It was a fun outing.
By Loretta Houben

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Some of my childhood dolls:

This is the first look-a-like Barbie doll I got, for my 5th birthday.
My Mom wouldn't buy me a big bosom doll!
She also gave me the case. 

I also had a pretty velvet dress.

My first Stacey bendy leg doll!
A gift from my aunt Frieda.

A gift from my parents.

A lovely dress my Mom made.

Another gift from my parents. I played with her often.

A Dawn doll (friend) and another small doll from my my aunt Pat.
By Loretta Houben

Friday, June 3, 2016

A delicate Canadian decal bob Chatty Cathy doll!

I bought this very pretty Canadian decal eye Chatty Cathy doll in March 2006, from Elizabeth in a doll group. At that time she was collecting Bleuette dolls and selling her Chatty Cathy collection. I've since lost track of her. This is one of my favourite Chatty dolls.

I think she has a soft beauty, very delicate.

I made the dotted Swiss dress from vintage fabric which my Mom bought for 99 cents at a garage sale! Pale yellow suits this brunette beauty.

I made this pale green dress from another vintage piece of fabric from my mother in law's stash.
She passed away in Sept 2001, and never got to see my passion for Chatty Cathy.
I'm not quite sure what she would have thought!

By Loretta Houben

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Vintage doll props re-made by Patricia Floyd

10 years ago I began to purchase doll props.
I loved the 1950 era vintage tin pieces that were available on eBay at that time.
I made a new friend by purchasing items from an eBay seller.
Her name was Patricia Jean Floyd.
She was very talented!
She bought used items and re-painted them white, and added cherry decals.
I'm so glad I bought them when I did.
Here is my childhood Chatty Cathy doll posing beside the vintage fridge which Patricia re-did.

The little mix master set on top of the fridge is actually a salt and pepper shaker set!
It's also vintage. The background scene is from Molly's American Girl set.

Here is the darling cabinet also re-painted and decorated by Patricia.
She made the adorable pie and cake too.
She was certainly very talented.

The set goes well with the American Girl Molly chair and table set.
I purchased this in 2006 too.
That was a great year for dolly props!

Here is a photo taken from eBay's auction when Patricia made lots of food items.
She did really well with her sales.

Sadly Patricia died after a brief illness on August 20, 2011.
I never met her in person, but she was such fun to know online.
I'm very glad to have acquired the three darling items that I do own.
The vintage washing machine is my all time favourite.
Patricia was only 58 when she passed away, so make sure you enjoy every dolly day!

By Loretta Houben

Monday, May 16, 2016

The 1860's...

Long ago, in the 1970's, my sister received a marvelous covered wagon and horse with a matching set of dolls, one male and one female, for a Christmas gift. She was thrilled. So was I.
We often played and acted out adventures for these dolls, using the male which we named Tom as a boyfriend for Polly, my Skipper doll. 

I took these photos back in 2001.
I loved playing with my Skipper, and I would often sew outfits for her.
The above dress was bought from the New Westminster Farmer's Market, made by an elderly woman who had the most amazing table full of gorgeous handmade Barbie clothes. She would certainly do well on Etsy nowadays! The dress above was only $1.25! Every August my parents would go once to the Farmer's Market. They would buy fresh produce and farmer's sausage.

I made this dress and crocheted the trim. I sewed it all by hand and designed the pattern. I also made Polly's little bonnet.

Oh the fun we used to have!
I'm so glad we didn't have electronic gadgets to ruin our imaginations.
I have so many happy memories of my childhood and teenage years.

By Loretta Houben