Friday, May 12, 2017

Blue Chatty Cathy dresses.

I haven't posted on this blog in ages.
You can blame it on "life"!
My Dad has been quite ill with kidney stones, so I was distracted for a while with that process.
He's doing better now so it's back to the dolls!
In one of my Facebook groups for Chatty Cathy, there is a photo op for dolls in blue dresses. I found this one above from 2004, when I used to sew a lot for the dolls.
I made these two dresses. I sold them at a retreat I attended in El Paso, Texas that June.

Here is my original Chatty Cathy doll I got in 1964.
I still have her. She's the star of my collection!
She is wearing a robins egg blue Canadian dress, which I got from a guy at my Dad's work; his little girl gave away her toys when she was finished, so my Dad would bring home large boxes of stuff which we just loved.
I had this dress for a long time before I realized what exactly it was! It's actually quite valuable.
I don't have the Canadian apron though.
The stroller was a 5th birthday present in 1965.
All my toys are now antiques.

By Loretta Houben

Monday, April 17, 2017

A spring garden party!

Today was spring cleaning in one corner of the bedroom. Ever since last fall the camper had been stored away. Today it was time to get it out again, as Spring is here. And dolls are able to camp in the rain, so I dusted it off and set it up.

Here are my two Heart for Hearts dolls which have never been played with. They took over the camper and love it! I opened the Our Generation garden party set I'd bought last fall. It has butterfly cookies! There was a butterfly flag from last summer, and a few little butterflies.

My husband and I visited the Victoria Butterfly Gardens on April 3 this year, on our 35th anniversary. I absolutely loved that place! Here is one of the beautiful butterflies I saw.

It was fun to set up a doll adventure on a corner of the window seat in our bedroom; I hope to change the display each month.

By Loretta Houben

Friday, March 31, 2017

1989 Pleasant Company doll catalogue

I have this catalogue.
My aunt, Pat Brutke, sent it to me years ago as she thought I'd love the dolls. I did; I fell in love with
Samantha Parkington and loved her and her clothes. However at the time she and the 3 other dolls were $80 US each and I couldn't afford it. 
Pleasant Company was owned by Rowland Pleasant, and she had an idea to produce a series of historical dolls with a book collection telling their stories.
I love this original idea. She sold the company to Mattel and since then it really took off with many dolls being produced, but then recently the historical dolls began to be retired. I think Samantha was the first to go, but fortunately I bought her in 2006. My dream finally came true.
Anyhow, the catalogue is now worth this price, which is around $91 Cdn! Maybe I should sell it. What do you think?

By Loretta Houben

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Miniature kitchen sink for mini dolls.

I found the above image on Pinterest.
Most of the images don't take you to any links, except ones that sometimes get me in trouble because they are rigged. So I don't know who created it.
But I'm putting it here on my blog in order to try to make a similar version of it out of foam board, for my mini dolls.

Then I found the above on FB and it's on a really neat BLOG.
Please click the link to discover how to create a farmhouse sink out of polymer clay.
This also really intrigues me.

By Loretta Houben

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mattel doll line in 2017.

Mattel produces the American Girl line.
Apparently they are in deep trouble.
Here is a new group of dolls coming out in 2017.
I purchased Tenney already; I couldn't help myself.
She is beautiful in person.
I'm very tempted to purchase the Hawaiian doll on the left.
Even though I did purchase one of my own choosing when I visited Honolulu in Dec 2014!
To read about why Mattel is in such financial trouble, please CLICK HERE.
It's a newsletter by Lee and Pearl, an 18" doll company pattern duo. It's very interesting. And quite sad.

By Loretta Houben

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Making candy for the doll's coffee shop!

It's March, and time for the wearing of the green!
I quickly set up Grace's bistro set, and added 2 small green cups from Dollarama, and 2 coffee cups which I also found there! The little donuts are from the Newberry coffee shop.
The little hats are also from Dollarama. The elastic needs to be shortened.

I got ambitious and I made some dolly candy.
This is my first attempt!
Someone had used Valentine beads recently online, so I tried shamrock beads. They come in a large pack.
The sticks are candy sticks from Michaels which I cut in half for the correct length. Then I put them in a row of 8 on a piece of sticky tape, and carefully layered a 2nd piece on top. Fortunately it worked out well the first try!
I even added a piece of the cardboard from the bead bag.

I think they turned out great!

By Loretta Houben

Monday, March 6, 2017

Crafting fun!

Crafting doll items is just as fun as collecting doll items!
American Girl Ideas is a great place to visit.
Recently Rudy posted a darling craft to make; a Build a Bear box in 18" doll size with a certificate.
I couldn't resist and printed it off immediately and made it today. 
I had the perfect little bear too, the one I gave hubby with his chocolate rose for Valentine's. He in turn said to use it for the dolls. So here it is!
Now to name him....maybe Charlie.

By Loretta Houben