Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here is one of my favourite Newberry dolls, on her new toboggan from Newberry, with the outfit which came with it; hat, coat, sleeveless top, pants, mittens and boots. (no socks)

I had bought the toboggan set fairly recently, before Sears closed. I think it was just before Christmas. It's a really cute set. The toboggan isn't as nice as Maplelea's wooden one, but it's still really cute. (plastic) 

The girls still had fun in the snow.
We had a blizzard last night, but it turned to rain in the morning. There was still a bit left by afternoon when the sun came out. It's very unusual to have a snowy Valentine's Day!

It was fun to take some doll photos outside.

By Loretta Houben

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day photos with Chatty Cathy!

Here is my only My Twinn doll, Bobby.
I purchased him used, as he reminds me so much of my hubby when he was a child. Therefore I named him Bobby!
He is quite entranced with my childhood Chatty Cathy doll, Catherine. Aren't they sweet?

 I posed these beauties in 2016.
The one on the left is an original Chatty Cathy brunette Canadian doll, the one in the middle is my childhood Canadian doll, and the one on the left is a Judy H. doll I bought a while ago. Aren't they darling?
I love Valentine's Day! 
I made the mailbox setup, using a mailbox I actually bought at a Canadian Target store when they once were in business here. (it still seems like a weird dream to me)
I glued it to a paper towel stick and modge podged fabric onto it.

By Loretta Houben

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Valentine craft on a rainy day!

I see many neat ideas online.
Online is my playground and has been for some time! 
It's amazing what creative minds some people have.
This idea was on American Girl Ideas, (by Rudy) either on her website or on her YouTube channel. Rudy used a round shape for her rug, but I wanted a heart shape for Valentine's Day. I used nearly 3 small packages of pompoms. 

It was a lot of fun to glue this together! I did the outline first, after cutting out a heart shape from 2 layers of card-stock, and gluing them together. I used white craft glue.
It was pouring rain that day, and I find that after the 5th wettest January on record, I'm getting cabin fever!
There's nothing like crafting to lift your spirits.

By Loretta Houben

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A hump day on which I bought nothing for dolls! (my original Chatty Cathy)

Slowly, slowly I'm organizing my Chatty Cathy photos taken digitally over the years. I've had a digital camera since 2001, so that's a very long time. 17 years! So I'm dating them on the photo, and adding descriptions once I've added a frame.
Here is my original Chatty Cathy Canadian blonde bob doll with a soft face, peachy limbs, glassine eyes, original dress and shoes. Her panties and socks disappeared decades ago.

I found the original box yesterday after a long hunt in my closet. It's stained on the front. There isn't a coloured photo like the American boxes, just an outline, and the doll wasn't even wearing this dress, and she didn't have pigtails, but alas, this is the way in Canada...always the rejects of things. It's rather sad to say the least. 

The back of the box, where the coloured photo should have gone, which would make it the front. See how Canadians were cheated? A boring box.

One of the sides, with "Fabrique au Canada" on the side; the other side is in English.

The wonderful thing about my doll, though, is that due to collector demand, she is more valuable than plain old USA dolls; she is made by dee & cee, a Canadian company which produced the Chatty Cathy dolls for Mattel. It didn't last long though, only until 1965. I love the top of my box. It has the price tag from Simpson Sears, where my Mom bought the doll in 1964. I got her for Christmas, and I still remember opening the box by the green couch in my parent's living room, and seeing her blonde hair. I remember screaming in delight. Thanks to my Dad, I still have this box. He was a pack rat of the grandest order.
So although I went out today in the pouring rain, and looked at Our Generation dolls at The Bay, and resisted temptation and didn't buy anything, I'm pleased because I've been enjoying the dolls that I do have.

By Loretta Houben

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What I bought on this dreary hump day...

Isn't this delightful?
It's Mary Ellen's living room set, not at all cheap.
But I don't trust American Girl company at all, so I decided to splurge and get this today, using the remaining balance of Robert's Christmas gift card. I'm always wary that I might lose the card! Well, now it's gone. 

Leona and I visited the AG store 2 weeks ago, and she said she would definitely buy all the items for one decade, such as Mary Ellen, as she loved completed collections. I thought that was a terrific idea. The set was very expensive. $74 Cdn! It includes a very well made plastic table, known as a boomerang table, with the most adorable lamp which lights up; a tiny poodle ornament, a copy of an April 1955 TV guide, and a 1955 newspaper. That was the year my parents were married in Sept.
It reminds me of the Mad Men series.

I also bought a cute Glitter Girls outfit for $14.99 Cdn, which includes a top, skirt, shoes and socks.

My Wellie Wishers doll love it!
She now has a total of 3 outfits to her name.
The sandals don't close properly, though.

She really likes Mary Ellen's table too. It's such fun to visit the AG boutique. There wasn't a living soul in it when I was there. It's 3 blocks from my chiropractor, so I make sure I always stop in after an appointment!

By Loretta Houben

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

American Girl Company in trouble!

This is definitely not good news.
There is so much that is not good these days.
I wonder why this is happening. Do you think it's inevitable?
What will become of my AG collection?
I love all my dolls dearly. I was so happy when an AG doll boutique opened here in Vancouver in 2014. That's only 4 years ago. Every chance I get, I visit that store, even if I don't buy anything. I was sorry when it relocated to a different location a few years ago, as that store is harder for me to get to.
What do YOU think of this news?
I snipped it from the website, as often when I leave links they disappear over time.

By Loretta Houben

Thursday, January 11, 2018

My sewing room desk.

I finally did it!
It took me one year.
I'm not a speedy person.
I worked on this for a long time, as what is here is what I'm keeping for a while.
This maple wood desk and hutch was bought for our son Matthew when he was young, and he used it for school, and for his crafts. He moved out in 2008, which will be 10 years ago this fall.
At first I thought I'd sell it, but then realized the wood was beautiful, and the pieces are made in Canada. So to replace it would be foolish.
I put a few of my favourite American Girl dolls on top.
Ruthie, Isabelle, Josephina, and Tenney, along with a doll plate and a vintage dolly picture. This is to keep me inspired.

Here is a closeup of my sewing books and magazines, plus my Shutterfly photo books. On the left are my doll books. These are books I enjoy and use over and over again.

The Dollarama bins were $1.25 Cdn each, and hold all my patterns. They used to be in drawers and I found that too hard to access.

I'm so pleased with the result.
Now for the rest of the room!
I need to attack that fabric!

By Loretta Houben