Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas doll letter, 2015

My Christmas doll letter 2015

I can't believe it's one week till Christmas! I'm behind on my cards because we went to Disneyland from December 2 - 8th and it was fantastic! I'll post pictures on my blog later, if my computer ever gets fixed. It has a hard drive problem, and it's huge. 

2015 was a good year for dolls! In January I bought 3: Zelia, a Hearts for Hearts doll; Grace, and American Girl doll; and Penny, a Journey Girl doll. I also bought two Target dolls while the store was still open in Canada. In April I bought Josephina, an American Girl doll in Seattle WA and also got to meet a Chatty Cathy doll collector for lunch; Jackie Nelson. In July I splurged and spent my birthday money from Robert and my sister Marie on Maryellen, the new 1950's American Girl doll. It's FUN to have an AG boutique here in Vancouver!

A kind friend sent me a sweet Penny Brite vintage doll, but she is a lot smaller than the 18" dolls so she fits in well! Last week while in California, I got 3 more little dolls; Addy and Kaya from AG and also a little 7" doll from Target. 

My home is looking Christmassy as I decorated before our trip. It was good to stay connected with you all on Facebook this year. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year in 2016!

Love from Loretta and her doll collection

Friday, July 17, 2015

This is the first time posting in 2015.
Ha...ha....this is the most sporadic blog I bet you've seen.
I wonder if anyone comes to visit?
I no longer have access to my Picture It Publishing program; it died the death of old extinct items on the computer. That's because we bought a new computer two years ago this summer.
It's a Toshiba and it couldn't install the Picture It program due to its extreme antiquity.
So now I use a free program called which is marvelous and super easy to use. 
My latest hobby is finding free images on Pinterest or elsewhere, and adding them to collages which I create using my own photos. Here is my original Chatty Cathy doll, Catherine, hard at work in her little kitchen.

I'd love to hear from anyone who read this. Please leave a comment.
By Loretta Houben