Friday, July 17, 2015

This is the first time posting in 2015.
Ha...ha....this is the most sporadic blog I bet you've seen.
I wonder if anyone comes to visit?
I no longer have access to my Picture It Publishing program; it died the death of old extinct items on the computer. That's because we bought a new computer two years ago this summer.
It's a Toshiba and it couldn't install the Picture It program due to its extreme antiquity.
So now I use a free program called which is marvelous and super easy to use. 
My latest hobby is finding free images on Pinterest or elsewhere, and adding them to collages which I create using my own photos. Here is my original Chatty Cathy doll, Catherine, hard at work in her little kitchen.

I'd love to hear from anyone who read this. Please leave a comment.
By Loretta Houben

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Nancy said...

Just looking at your blog. I think girls need more of this type. They don't know how to play anymore. I sympathize with having dead software you are familiar with. I came on the scene way before computers and started with a Commodore 64 My daughter is new to doll blogging and < I think doing a great job. Your link in stitchingwithelli is what sent me to you. Thank you for visiting her blog.