Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's quite true.

I needed to have a new blog, as my travel blog is just about finished, and once started on blogging I can't stop now.

When thinking of a name for my new blog I kept thinking of my mind and how sievelike it's become. It never was very good at retaining things, as I suffer from migraine headaches and they seem to act a lot like strokes. No one knows what causes them, so I'm doomed. My dh noticed that after a migraine, whatever he's told me of importance the day before has been magically erased.

Therefore, I think this will be a great name for my new blog. My paternal Grandma, Alma May Williams, had a favourite saying. "I have a head like a sieve."

That's my blog's motto.

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Frann said...

I have looked over your blog before, and now I am starting to read from the first posting. I wonder why there is no comment here. If it is rude behavior to add comments on someone's postings in American style, feel free to tell me about it.