Saturday, May 14, 2016

Addy Walker came home to my house on April 28, 2016.
I heard she was going to be retired soon.
I should have bought her last year when she was $130 Cdn.
I paid $154 Cdn!!!
That is getting extremely expensive for American Girl dolls.
But I had 2 gift cards for Indigo/Chapters store, and they are good for the AG Boutique!
I went downtown to meet Karen Owen, the author of doll and tea blogs.
She had asked me to sew a dress for her Mother's Chatty Cathy doll that she inherited.
It was fun to meet her and her little niece in Blenz coffee shop across the street from AG.

Afterwards we looked at the dolls and accessories.
I wound up buying Addy, because the gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket, and I never really know how long the AG store will remain in Vancouver.
Plus it was my dog's 15th birthday on that day, and Addy would be my 15th AG doll!
So here she is being welcomed by a few of her sisters.

I purchased the tea cart from The Queen's Treasures online a few weeks ago.
It was very tricky to put together.
Robert had to help me.
That's my maternal Grandma's lace dresser scarf on top.

Addy is very cute. I just love her thick hair!
I feel her Meet Dress is rather skimpy for the era, though.
Her bonnet, handbag and necklace were extra.

Everyone enjoyed hot tea together.
It was fun to get some of the dolls off their shelf, and set up a scene.
I rarely do that anymore.

By Loretta Houben

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