Thursday, September 7, 2017

New things for Josefina Montoya!

While I was in the USA a week ago, I stopped in a thrift store or two. There's a wealth of delightful used goods to buy, and I have developed a beady eye for doll sized items.
I found the above things at Value Village, and a local thrift shop in La Conner. The little dolls look Mexican to me, and are so cute. They appear to be Christmas ornaments as each one as a thread loop on her head.

I really liked this bowl, which was in a package with a bracelet for $2.99. I'm giving the bracelet away to charity, as it doesn't fit me. But the bowl is delightful! The beads are hand glued in a gourd. I just love it!

This little manger set is hand made in Guatemala. The tiny angel's head was broken off, but for only $1.50 I knew I couldn't lose, and I easily fixed it with some white glue.

The little set is darling. I thought these were great things for poor neglected Josefina!

By Loretta Houben