Thursday, June 2, 2011

First post in 2011

I haven't posted here in years, so you now know that my mind is truly like a sieve!
I think I'll change this blog to my Chatty Cathy blog. They are feeling really left out of things since the Bleuettes came here to live. However, on Monday night I sat down and finished 2 little pairs of jeans for 2 dolls; here they are with cute Canucks tops from the Build a Bear shop.
We are all rooting for the Canucks in the season finale.

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Frann said...

Haha! Whenever I see Chatty Cathy, she is adorable. I did a bid for Chatty Cathy in eBay site for the first time. Their price is fluctuating from USD20~780. I don't know why exactly, guessing whether to talk or not. I chose the cheapest one with not that bad appearance. Excited to wait the result.