Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The month of December has whizzed past, and here it is, December 23rd. I'm embarrassed that I haven't blogged since October. I was quite sick for 3 weeks at the beginning of this month but I don't know why I didn't visit my blog in November. I can't even remember what I did during that month. (hence the reason for the name of this blog)

I love Christmas! We put up our artificial tree at the end of Nov. We have to have a fake one because of my hubby's allergies and asthma. Let me see if I can locate a picture of it:

This was taken in 2005, but it's the same. Exactly. We put on all blue mini lights, silver decorations, and white snowflakes, with silver tinsel. So far the tinsel has lasted since I was married in 1982. The tree just doesn't look the same without tinsel.

I've been visiting many blog land homes the past few days, and staring at their Christmas decorations. I've decided our tree is about the best. Ha...ha...You would have to see it lit up in all its blue splendour at night in order to agree with me. Many of the homes are beautiful, though. I can't get over how much energy some people possess. I don't have one quarter of it.

I put up a nativity scene on our mantel, and a miniature village on top of our entertainment unit. I'll add pictures here later. I also decorate the master bedroom with Christmas scenes involving my Chatty Cathy collection. This year it looks really cute.

The top photo on this post is my parent's nativity scene. Each Dec 6 we go out for St. Nicholas' Day Dinner, then to their house for tea and goodies. We've been doing this since 2001. It's a fun tradition.

Tomorrow evening is Christmas Eve. I've done a fair amount of baking, and the presents are just about all wrapped. I love to leave some things to the last minute. We open our gifts on Christmas Eve. It's a German tradition. We usually go to a church service, and have a carol sing-a-long here at home afterwards, with some of that baking to be sampled, and hot chocolate to drink.

This is one of my favourite times of the year. I believe in the Christmas story with all my heart, and know the tiny baby in the manger as my Saviour and Friend. I trust that you do too. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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