Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October days

Hmm...would you believe I nearly forgot about this blog? It's been 2 months since I last posted! And no one even cared or noticed. Obviously I'm doing something wrong.

It's hard to believe that October is over after tomorrow, and there are exactly 8 weeks until Christmas Day. When I was many years younger, time seemed to flow in slow motion, into the next day, then the next week. It used to be difficult for me to "see" to the end of one week and the beginning of another. A weekend seemed sooooo long and enjoyable, like a mini vacation.

The trouble with me in those younger days was that I enjoyed life so much and had not one worry or care, except the worries of homework and exams and what to wear. My parents took such good care of me! I now cast my eye back upon those days with a bit of longing and yearning. Lately I'm trying to put things into perspective, and relish each and every day, no matter what happens in the day.

Lately I've been experimenting with new recipes for dinner. I have stacks of cook books I've never used, so I've tried out quite a few new things in September and October, and they've been a success with my family. It makes my heart glow. Plus this is the time of year I love to putter in the kitchen. I think I putter too much, as I've gained 4 pounds since July. What a shame. It seems lately that if I even look at food I gain weight.

I'm back to my gym routine twice per week, so I'm sure it will begin to help me out soon. I sure hope so. I've been doing fall cleaning, and putting away the lawn furniture, etc. A few weeks ago, Matthew painted the bedroom balcony. The following week it rained like you wouldn't believe, and tonight it's so chilly it feels like it could possibly be snowing somewhere, but I'm sure that's my imagination.

Tomorrow night is Halloween. Here in Canada, we celebrate by having parties, decorating, eating scrumptious goodies, handing out candy at the door, and setting off fireworks and sparklers. I have no idea why we do the fireworks thing now, and not on July 1st. No idea at all, but I'll never ever forget the ones my Dad used to buy and set off for us, after he'd taken us trick or treating in the neighbourhood. I especially loved the Roman Candles and the "snakes" and the sparklers. I adored Halloween night, I think because of the excitement of dressing up, getting all that free candy, and wandering around the streets in the DARK of night.

I'm off now to dig out my Halloween decorations to put in my window tomorrow.

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Elaine said...

Thank you for telling me about your blog -- I enjoyed your narrative and the graphics and vintage photos you used. Gives me an ideas to post vintage photos on my blog too.