Sunday, August 28, 2016

Archived post for January 8, 2015 from my main blog:

(I first posted this on my main blog site, and decided to put it here on my dolly blog. Alas, we no longer have Target stores here in Canada; after a very short duration, all 130+ stores went bankrupt and closed in 2015.)

Well, it didn't take me long! I found this little darling doll (14 1/2") at my local Target store. She was only $20.99 Cdn. I've heard of these dolls but never saw them before. I looked high and low but she was the only one on the shelf.

She is "Hearts for Hearts" brand. I'm not sure of the history yet.
She portrays a 10 year old girl living in Brazil on a coffee farm.
Isn't she cute?

Zelia will be interesting to sew for.
I set her up with 3 of my AG dolls right beside my computer desk.
They stand there waiting for new outfits.
Loretta Houben
PS: I still haven't sewed for the Hearts for Hearts doll!

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