Monday, August 29, 2016

Meeting "Karen Mom of 3" from the famous doll blog...

We'll see if this link will work, and take you to Karen's blog post.
I'd never met Karen in person until April 2016.
She is a very energetic young mother of three, and has tons of energy!
She keeps up with her family, and an amazing blog of doll crafts and info, plus she blogs about tea and reads around 40 books or so each week. I admire her greatly!
The photo above was taken in April at the American Girl Boutique at Granville and Broadway in Vancouver BC. Miss Nikki is standing beside Karen; they are good friends. Miss Nikki enjoys her job a lot! She also has a blog.

Karen had contacted me and asked if I would sew her a special dress for her Mom's vintage Chatty Cathy doll. I was quite honoured to do so! We met across from the AG Boutique for tea at Blenz Coffee shop. Pictured below is one of Karen's darling little nieces.

The Chatty Cathy dolls were made by Mattel Doll Company in the early 1960's.
Now the same company produces the American Girl dolls!
Of course we had to step across the street to visit the AG store.
And I'd made up my mind that I would purchase Addy Walker because I've heard rumours that she will be retired soon. Isn't she cute?

It was a fun outing and I was very pleased to meet Karen at last.
It's fun having doll collectors close by!
Loretta Houben

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