Friday, March 31, 2017

1989 Pleasant Company doll catalogue

I have this catalogue.
My aunt, Pat Brutke, sent it to me years ago as she thought I'd love the dolls. I did; I fell in love with
Samantha Parkington and loved her and her clothes. However at the time she and the 3 other dolls were $80 US each and I couldn't afford it. 
Pleasant Company was owned by Rowland Pleasant, and she had an idea to produce a series of historical dolls with a book collection telling their stories.
I love this original idea. She sold the company to Mattel and since then it really took off with many dolls being produced, but then recently the historical dolls began to be retired. I think Samantha was the first to go, but fortunately I bought her in 2006. My dream finally came true.
Anyhow, the catalogue is now worth this price, which is around $91 Cdn! Maybe I should sell it. What do you think?

By Loretta Houben

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