Friday, March 10, 2017

Mattel doll line in 2017.

Mattel produces the American Girl line.
Apparently they are in deep trouble.
Here is a new group of dolls coming out in 2017.
I purchased Tenney already; I couldn't help myself.
She is beautiful in person.
I'm very tempted to purchase the Hawaiian doll on the left.
Even though I did purchase one of my own choosing when I visited Honolulu in Dec 2014!
To read about why Mattel is in such financial trouble, please CLICK HERE.
It's a newsletter by Lee and Pearl, an 18" doll company pattern duo. It's very interesting. And quite sad.

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

Thanks for linking to that informative article. I read it twice, just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I think it's pretty obvious that the American Girl line is failing because Mattel strayed away from Pleasant Rowland's original concept. She created something really special with the historical dolls, and now it's as though the historicals have taken a back seat to all the modern ones. I don't have anything against having a modern doll in the line up, but I think Mattel took it too far. There are so many other 18" dolls on the market now--many of them just as lovely and far cheaper than an AG--I think it has caused people to rethink where they want to spend their money. What made American Girl so special at the beginning was their focus on history, and now that is not the case anymore. Their products are becoming cheaper and cheaper, while their prices just keep going up and up. I rarely buy anything new from American Girl anymore because the quality for the price is just so disappointing. Especially when other companies, like Target's Our Generation line is putting out fantastic play sets for the 18" doll at less than half the cost!

Loretta said...

That's so true, Angela! And with our exchange rate, it's really awful. I loved the historical girls the best, and collected most of them. Whenever there's a sale here, though, I succumb. LOL!