Friday, May 12, 2017

Blue Chatty Cathy dresses.

I haven't posted on this blog in ages.
You can blame it on "life"!
My Dad has been quite ill with kidney stones, so I was distracted for a while with that process.
He's doing better now so it's back to the dolls!
In one of my Facebook groups for Chatty Cathy, there is a photo op for dolls in blue dresses. I found this one above from 2004, when I used to sew a lot for the dolls.
I made these two dresses. I sold them at a retreat I attended in El Paso, Texas that June.

Here is my original Chatty Cathy doll I got in 1964.
I still have her. She's the star of my collection!
She is wearing a robins egg blue Canadian dress, which I got from a guy at my Dad's work; his little girl gave away her toys when she was finished, so my Dad would bring home large boxes of stuff which we just loved.
I had this dress for a long time before I realized what exactly it was! It's actually quite valuable.
I don't have the Canadian apron though.
The stroller was a 5th birthday present in 1965.
All my toys are now antiques.

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

Your Chatties are so sweet in their blue dresses. I have always been partial to that color. I just recently brought home my first Chatty Cathy this past week from a local thrift store! Because I knew next to nothing about them, I did a little research and discovered she is the first model made in the US. She has what looks to be an original dress (red and white, but it needs mending), but that's it for clothing. She has the same, short blond hair like your doll in the photo (messy and needs a good shampoo), and lovely, teal-blue colored eyes. She no longer has a pull cord, so her talking mechanism doesn't work. That's okay, though! I look forward to making her look presentable with a new dress and a trip to the "beauty salon". She only cost me $4.00, so I'm quite pleased!

Frann said...

Oh! Angela, You got her for such a steal. I also got into Chatty doll thanks to Loretta and bought one for 30 dollars in eBay. She is cute and her outfits are wellmade, but she must have been kept for a long long time. I washed her hair and face and changed her old outfit with current one. I like her a lot.

Loretta said...

Thanks for commenting, Angela and Frann! Chatty Cathy is a very sweet doll. I always notice that not one Chatty looks like another! They all have a unique look about them. Enjoy your dolls!