Monday, September 3, 2007

My parent's 52nd anniversary

I nearly forgot about my parent's anniversary today. Of course. You know what my mind is like! I had them over last Friday evening to see the rest of our trip photos, and I could have celebrated the event then, but absolutely forgot about it until Saturday morning. I had an idea for a gift but hadn't bought it yet. * sigh *

I was busy last week with fence painting. The weather was finally nice so I had to get it done. I finished it, and also painted the bench we have in our front garden, and re-painted the side gate too. A home takes a lot of maintenance but it's worth it.

My parents were married in a garden wedding in Amity, Oregon, 52 years ago today. I think they deserve a medal. How many people do you know that have been married over 50 years? Here's a photo from that day so long ago:

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