Monday, September 12, 2016

We won a prize!!!

Yolanda is very excited!
She had the most fall-like outfit on, so she was chosen once again to model a dolly item. It had just arrived in the mail box, all the way from Texas. Another doll lover, Emily, has an adorable doll blog in which she shows photos of the adventures of the dolls which live with her. Last month she had a give-a-way contest, so of course I entered. You can't win if you DON'T enter, can you?
But all the same I was astonished when Emily posted the winners:

I had chosen the adorable little tan bag with the emblem for Texas on it, as my maternal grandparents and great grandparents lived in Taylor Texas for a time before moving to Amity Oregon.
One of these days I wish to visit Taylor so I take this as a sign that my dream will come true!
Emily has the cutest blog with the most well dressed dolls you've ever seen. Please pay her a visit!
Thank you so much, Emily.
Yolanda and I are delighted with your embroidery and sewing skills. And it's so lovely to get a package in the mail all the way from Texas!
By Loretta Houben


Emily said...

Aww, Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked the bag. Also glad it made there without getting lost! It is so neat you have family heritage in Texas :-)

Loretta said...

Emily, thank YOU! I love your sewing and embroidery skills. I love your blog! Keep it up!