Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Collage.

I've been a member of Picmonkey, a photo program, for a few years now. I pay around $32 US per year to use the Royal program which has more features. I absolutely love it! It's simple and easy to use, but there are many features I haven't tried yet, so there is a lot of content in the program for professionals to enjoy too.

Today, October 21, I received an email from Picmonkey announcing new templates. So I immediately tried it out, and created the above. It was really fun to do and I did it in around 10 minutes.
I used a photo from 2014. For quite a few years I've decorated our windows with dolls, using Chatty Cathy and American Girl, with many props.
I won't be doing it this year, as the candy is so expensive, and all the neighbourhood children are long gone. Car loads of children drive in from all over, but they don't live here, so why should I hand out candy to them? I'm a complete stranger! Plus my hubby will be at his Taekwondo class so it's too creepy to do it on my own. A lot of the "children" are tall teens, bigger than I am! Halloween isn't what it used to be.

By Loretta Houben

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