Friday, August 4, 2017

Summertime fun!

Long ago when I began to collect Chatty Cathy vintage dolls, I enjoyed setting up scenes for them. Here is a back yard scene using a child's pool filled with a few inches of water, and some cute props.

Tiny Chatty baby is deciding which fruit to try.
The umbrella and towel came from the Build a Bear shop at Metrotown. These are all vintage dolls.

I bought the pool at a $ store. They don't seem to be made anymore, as I can no longer find them. The doll on the left is a JC Penny reproduction doll from 1998. The doll on the right is vintage, wearing a vintage swim suit from old stock doll wear on eBay.

Here two of the Chatty dolls take a break in the shade and read a CC newsletter I purchased on eBay. The little trike is a reproduction.

By Loretta Houben


PennilessCaucasianRubbish American Doll Adventures! said...

So cute!! Love the pool!!

Betty said...

Yes, I remember setting Chatty up in scenes too. I think I have that same umbrella from Build A Bear. Your pool is adorable and the perfect size for Chatty. I have that repro Chatty too. The only ones I have that talk are repros. I don't give my Chattys enough attention these days. Are you still in touch with people from the Chatty group? What was the name of the gal in Alaska? I met her and another gal from Texas one time. Time flies...that was years ago.

Simply Shelley said...

All so very cute. 🌞

Angela said...

Love your Chatties! You have reminded me that I need to fix up the one I found at Goodwill a few months back and make her cute dress. She no longer talks, but her face is adorable.

Loretta said...

Hello everyone! I don't know if you can tell when I reply to your posts or not. I never know if you have posted unless I come and double check which is what I do now!
I set this scene up many years ago in 2004. I'm trying to get back to doing it as it's very relaxing. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I enjoy reading them.