Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Effanbee doll named Peggy Sue! (Mom's childhood doll)

This is one of my very special dolls!
I've loved her all my life. My Mom got her as a gift from her parents when she was 12, Christmas 1945. She'd spotted her in the JC Penny store in McMinnville, Oregon and begged her Mom for it. Her Mom told her she was way too old for a doll, but her Dad said, oh, let her have it!

Her parents were Adolph and Helen (Gusa) Brutke.
They lived in Amity, OR and would shop once a week in McMinnville. The store is still standing at 203 NE 3rd Street, but it's now owned by Boersma's, a lovely fabric and quilting store. The toy section was in the basement, right at the bottom of the stairs. That's where the display with the Effanbee Sweetie Pie doll was set up, and my Mom was entranced.

 My Mom named her Peggy Sue. Here she is in her original dress and hat and socks. The little suitcase is filled with her hand made clothes. Her Mom and her sister lovingly made them for her, and they are exquisite. 

 I'm so glad my Mom has let me enjoy her dear Peggy Sue all these years. She is a real treasure.

By Loretta Houben


Betty said...

She looks like she's in very good condition. You're so fortunate to have her. You look like your Mom!

Loretta said...

Hi Betty; thank you! Yes, she's in excellent condition. My Mom rarely played with her. If she did play she took very good care of her.

Angela said...

What a wonderful treasure to own your mom's childhood doll. I have a couple of my mother's as well, and it means so much to me. I also own a "Sweetie Pie"--it is smaller than yours, maybe 16", and so adorable. I just love the caracul wigs on these dolls!

Loretta said...

Yes, Angela; she is a treasure! I love the wigs too. These dolls are so sweet.