Monday, July 17, 2017

07/17/17 Pretty cool, eh?

Today is 7/17/17.
(July 17, 2017)
I love all those sevens!
My sister Leona and I finally had a sewing bee together today. She doesn't live far away, so she brought her items to sew and I had my sewing machine set up on the table.
This is my old Pfaff I bought in 1981, and which I'd replaced 2 years ago with a brand new Pfaff.
I haven't been sewing much sad to say as I'm rather frightened of the new machine.
But today was fun, sewing together at the same table.
I made the little dress for Grace up above, and Leona made 2 pillowcases, and 2 body pillow cases. She sews very rapidly. I also worked on an 18" doll dress but it's not finished yet. Still, it's a beginning and I feel encouraged.

Here I am, sewing on my new machine. My trusty old Pfaff circa 1981 is in the foreground.

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

I love the dress you made for mini Grace! So cute. Did you create your own pattern? I have been thinking of making clothing for some of my minis, but the thought of sewing for such tiny dolls makes me a bit anxious. Do you have any tips? Nice job!

Loretta said...

Thank you, Angela! That's high praise coming from you. I appreciate it! I love your beautiful sewing. I found the pattern for free online. I'll see if I can find it again and send it to you by email. I hand stitched the bodice as it has a lining, and I sewed the skirt on the machine as I cannot gather by hand very well! It turned out cute. Now I'm working on two dresses for the 18" dolls. I'm so happy to be sewing again!