Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thrifty Finds Thursday!

If I stick to a theme, I find I blog much more often! Do you?

I'm very scatter brained, so if I have a goal it really helps me to stay on track, as I flit from one thing to another. 
But over the past few years, writing my goals down and sticking to them as helped me achieve a lot of things and also finish projects which would otherwise not be complete.
I've turned Wednesday mornings into gym days. 
My gym isn't too far from my house, so I take the Skytrain there, and walk part way. After the gym yesterday I visited a thrift store. I love thrift stores as you just never know what you'll find! 

I found an adorable little jar/pot for Josephina, only 99 cents Cdn! It has a substance inside which is like a gel perfume, but I can scrape that out. It's very well made out of clay, and painted. I believe somewhere in my doll bins I have a mini Josephina, but I'm not sure.
One of my goals is to organize my dolls and make a list of what I actually own.
I also bought a cute set of 2 playmats for the mini dolls, which would look really cute in a school scene.
But our local children have only been on summer holiday for 3 weeks, so there's a long stretch to go before they return in September! 
Anyhow, it's a lot of fun to shop for the minis. I'm quite addicted to them this year.

By Loretta Houben

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