Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Meet June, a new retro Our Generation doll!

Here is my newest 18" doll!
I really do love the Our Generation dolls, and am so pleased that Hudsons Bay downtown has a large collection.
Last week the whole area was on sale 20% off!
If only I had more room...
But June came home with me, and is happy exploring her new surroundings.

 The temps this past week have been amazingly hot, and the sunshine is dazzling! My garden is in full bloom.

 Here is what June looked like before I took her out of her box. She was very sturdily stuck in there, let me tell you!

 June is wearing a beautiful outfit from Maplelea, a Canadian 18" doll company which makes really good quality clothes and dolls.

 I had been eyeing this outfit for some time, and it came on sale for $37 Cdn; top, skirt, jacket, purse and shoes!

 I also got this cute set for only $25 Cdn!
It came with all these things; tennis dress, panties, hat, socks, shoes, towel, hair bands, bag, tennis racket and ball!
It was all shipped for only $9.00 Cdn. Love it!

By Loretta Houben


PennilessCaucasianRubbish American Doll Adventures! said...

I am finally getting some time to get around to reading some of my favorite blogs. Like yours. Off to read some more. Maybe I stayed off FB all the time I'd have more time, eh? That place is a total time drain!

PennilessCaucasianRubbish American Doll Adventures! said...

PS Love your new doll and LOVE Maplelea doll clothes. SO TOP NOTCH!