Saturday, November 26, 2016

A new Hearts for Hearts doll!

Another new doll arrived yesterday!
Some months are like that; very exciting.
I had ordered her from Amazon in October.
She took a while to arrive, but she was only $39.99 US.
Her name is Consuelo, and she is from Mexico.

One dollar of each purchase goes to World Vision.
MPA Sales has re-launched the sale of these dolls.
Here is their website link: Hearts for Hearts Dolls

I believe the dolls are the same size as the American Girl Wellie wishers dolls.
Those are $75 Cdn.
I really like the Hearts for Hearts dolls and hope to collect more of them.

By Loretta Houben


Heather Cuoio said...

How funny! I just got Consuelo at thrift store!!

Loretta said...

Hi Heather! How funny indeed! Aren't these dolls darling?

Angela said...

I have both Wellie Wishers and Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, and I must admit that I love the H4H dolls more! Not only are they more reasonable in cost, but their heads can tip in different directions. And their beautiful and expressive. I am glad they are being reissued!

Loretta said...

Here in Canada the WW dolls are $75 each! They are cute but I too prefer the H4H dolls.

Frann said...

Consuelo that Heather found at the thrift store arrived at my house. She is so adorable and the same as the one on the right. The outfits are perfectly fit on her body and shoes are cute. How kind my freiend Heather is! I see her whenever I go in and out the kitchen. Thank you, Heather.