Monday, June 19, 2017

Hummel pictures in the doll room.

A few months ago I bought these darling hand stitched prints at a local thrift store. They were in old ratty frames, but I quickly removed them and transferred them to Dollarama store frames. (only $2 each)
Then they sat for a while in a pile, waiting to be put up.
I had just the right spot for them near the window beside the closet.
It takes me ages to get a project done lately, and I don't know why. I'm very pleased once it's done!
I think the pictures look perfect.
I love Hummel prints.

By Loretta Houben


Betty said...

Adorable! We think somewhat alike. I found a cute embroidered piece in a frame at the resale store a week or so ago. I hung it in my doll room. I don't know why people don't keep these things. They take a lot of time to do. I still have cross stitch things hanging that I did back in the 70's and 80's.

Angela said...

Are these cross-stitched, Loretta? They are lovely! I cross-stitched Hummel pictures in the past and framed them as well. I have a fondness for Hummels, since I grew up in a German home. Recently, I even found an actual Hummel figurine (Goose Girl) at Goodwill and brought it straight home! I am always on the lookout for needlework pictures of any sort when I go to thrift stores because I know how much time when into them. They are special.

Loretta said...

Thanks, Betty! People seem to follow the latest fads, but some things I never tire of, and Hummels is one of them! I think I only paid $4.00 Cdn each for these. I think they look adorable in the new frames.

Loretta said...

Yes, Angela; they are cross stitched, and very beautifully too! I just couldn't resist them for only $4.00 each! Sometimes I find really nice things at the thrift store. I love the tiny Hummel figurines, the ones that are only 3" tall. They are my favourite but hard to find.