Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mini Grace in London, England

Our 2nd day in London we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green. It was moved here in 1872 from South Kensington. It's a lovely museum with 2 floors of beautifully displayed toys through the centuries. 
Grace was delighted with the doll house and miniature displays.

Grace had never before seen such a neat miniature butcher shop, and neither had I!

Another doll house. One could spend hours staring at all the miniatures.

A view of the museum in 1872.

A view of the museum in 2017!
There is a cafe on the bottom floor and a gift shop.
All museums in London are FREE and this one is well worth the visit.

By Loretta Houben


Betty said...

You've had this blog for a while. You even took a doll to Europe! I still have my Travel Doll, but she doesn't travel anymore and I keep forgetting to put her in pictures! I don't collect American Girl Dolls but I found it interesting reading about Mattel and their problems. I went back on your blog and read for a bit. Today is World Doll Day. It's the second Saturday in June. I wrote about it on my blog earlier today. I'm afraid doll collecting is going to slowly fade away. Kids today have phones and mobile devices. Not that many play with dolls anymore.

Loretta said...

Hi Betty, thanks for stopping by! I hope doll playing doesn't die out. How awful that would be. But the world is becoming very strange indeed. So you never know. I can't stop playing with dolls even at my very old age of nearly 57. And I do love blogging so I won't stop that anytime soon either! I think there will always be very odd and weird people around so it gives me hope. LOL!