Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mary Ellen's new outfit for summer!

Today I had occasion to travel downtown on an errand, and I was near the American Girl doll boutique. I can never pass up a chance to stop in, and I had money burning a hole in my pocket. My parents gave me a generous cash gift for my birthday last week. I've had my eye on Mary Ellen's flamingo bathing suit ensemble ever since it came out. 

It costs $42 Canadian plus tax, so it isn't cheap, but you get 5 pieces for that cost. I think it's one of the cutest things ever made! I'm very partial to Mary Ellen and she now has quite a wardrobe. 

Besides the darling flamingo print bathing suit, which is smocked in the back and fits very well, there is a pair of cute sunglasses, a pink hair ribbon, and the CUTEST flamingo sand pail!

There's also an adorable pair of sandals. I just love it all!

Now Mary Ellen needs to find a pool and a cold drink and she will be all set for the hot weekend ahead!

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

Oh, my, Mary Ellen's new set is adorable! I can see why you purchased it. I must admit that Mary Ellen tempted me greatly when she was first released, and I REALLY wanted her. But I made myself resist, simply for the fact that I am running out of room! I already have 13 (or is 14?) American Girls, and that's not counting all the other 18" dolls that are taking over my sewing/doll room! So now I am content to enjoy the photos of YOUR Mary Ellen. Of course, if I ever chanced upon one at a thrift store, well, you better believe she'd come right home with me!

Loretta said...

Oh Angela! Too true. 18" dolls take up a lot of room! Currently they are taking turns posing near my computer. I have Caroline, Samantha, Addie, and the one whose name I can't remember that only appeared briefly with the brown hair and curls and the hat and pink dress ? on a shelf above my computer. And I have Tenney, Mary Ellen, and Julie on the shelf in front of the window. I love looking at all the different fashions they wear. Mary Ellen is fast becoming a favourite.