Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ice skating on a lake.

For the first time in 20 years, Trout Lake in Vancouver BC froze 12 cm (around 6"). This is very unusual and I missed the event back in 1996 so yesterday my husband and I went to the lake and I took some photos of Mary Ellen in her ice skates. I kept her Christmas outfit on, as dolls never notice the cold anyhow. The ice skates were ones I'd bought years ago from eBay. I didn't purchase her expensive ice skating outfit from AG. It's cute but the price is too high! I used a stand to keep her upright.

Here I am holding Mary Ellen. You will notice I don't have ice skates. I've only skated when I was a teenager and although I loved it, I sure wouldn't try it on uneven and lumpy ice with snow on top. I'd never been on a frozen lake before and I just loved it! We walked all around the perimeter of the lake.

There were hundreds of people out. Many had scraped a large section to have hockey games, and many were practicing and having fun.
It was a grand day!

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

Oh, how fun! I have always longed to live someplace where it would get cold enough to ice skate on frozen lakes and ponds! So very turn-of-century/Victorian feeling. I have had to break the ice out of my chickens' water tub each morning, and our neighbors "skated" on their above ground, frozen pool yesterday, so it has definitely been a colder winter than usual for us. Mary Ellen looks adorable in her winter attire. I keep telling myself that I don't need any more AG dolls, but if I did fall victim to temptation, Mary Ellen is the doll I'd pick--just love her coloring!

Loretta said...

Thanks, Angela! It was a terrific amount of fun. The next day the lake was closed as the temps began to warm. I'm so glad I tried it! And yes, Mary Ellen is adorable in person. She loves adventures!

Heather Cuoio said...

Great photos!! ❤