Saturday, January 28, 2017

Newberry Soccer Doll

Here is the Newberry 18" doll with the lid off the box.
These dolls are quite easy to get out. Just a few snips and the thread is broken.

She is set up, read to play in her cute outfit.
The set came with a net, water bottle and ball plus the outfit.
It was only $19.99 C on sale! I really like this doll. I think she is my favourite out of all my Newberry dolls to date.
Her features remind a little of the latest Victoria movie on PBS! I might name her Victoria.

I also bought this pretty dress with black shoes for $8.99 C.
She looks really pretty in it.

Here are 2 close ups of her pretty face.

The back of her head is startling!
I think it was put together like this for shipping.
I need to comb it out as soon as I find the brush.
All in all, I'm very pleased with this doll.

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

Your new doll is lovely. I was surprised to read that she is an Our Generation doll though--she looks just like the Journey Girl dolls which are sold here in the US at Toys R Us stores. So interesting to see to see the different dolls that other countries have available!

Loretta said...

Thank you, Angela! I made a mistake; she isn't Our Generation! She is a NEWBERRY doll. Oops. I must go back and correct it immediately.

Angela said...

Oh, that makes more sense! I wonder if Newberry dolls and Journey Girl dolls are made by the same manufacturer? They look so similar to me. There's another doll in the US called "Espari" dolls (once sold at Barnes and Noble bookstores) which also looks identical to Journey Girls. Very interesting!