Saturday, January 6, 2018

A new outfit for my Wellie Wishers doll.

Here is my little Wellie Wisher's doll who I haven't yet named, wearing a new outfit!
I purchased it using some of my gift card from Robert. I didn't wish to buy another AG doll, so I will spend the money on doll clothes and props.
This outfit which consists of glitter shoes, socks, skirt, sleeveless top and sweater, was only $14.99 Cdn! It's part of the Glitter Girls domain. GG dolls are made by Our Generation and they have very cute outfits which are sold at Chapters/Indigo stores. I was really impressed by the variety and the low price. I chose this one because it has hearts for Valentine's Day coming up next month.
Isn't it sweet?

By Loretta Houben


Angela said...

I have three Wellie Wishers--Emerson, Willa, and Kendall. They are a fun size to sew for and I have made several outfits. However, I would love to check out the Glitter Girls line of products but our local Targets are STILL not carrying them! I keep hearing online about all of the doll collectors in other parts of the country that can walk into their Targets and buy these items, but not me! Well, it's probably a good thing since that is keeping me from spending too much money right now!

Loretta said...

Angela, for some reason I don't like the GG dolls, as their faces look very solemn and sad. They are not smiling. It's just as well, as I don't need any more dolls! But I do like clothes and props...